10 Different Ways That Akhilandeshwari Of Sembaruthi Lets Her Eyes Do The Talking

Priya Raman has gorgeous and amazingly expressive eyes. One reason why Akhilandeshwari has become popular is due to the way her eyes do the emoting.

You Know What's Coming For You In Exactly 2 Minutes

a still from sembaruthi
a still from sembaruthi

When Akhilandeshwari scrutinises you, the effect is intense. It brings out an insane instinct to duck and take cover. Or run for the hills.

Enagaluuku Risk Edukkarthu Ellam Rusk Saapidra Maathiri...

a still from sembaruthi
a still from sembaruthi

Vadivelu made this dialogue famous in the film, Marudhamalai. But we bet he got the idea from our Akhilandeshwari only. She looks like she could handle any situation or crisis easily, without even breaking into a sweat.

Talk To The Hand

Few people know this, but the famous saying, ‘talk to the hand’ doesn’t really work unless its backed by the perfect expression of contemptuous disregard. So yes, although Akhilandeshwari is showing her hand, in reality, we are all just looking past her hand to her eyes.

Why Did Kattappa Kill Baahubali?

As an intelligent and thinking woman, we bet Akhila too pondered over this question.

I Asked For Coffee! Who Gave Me Thuthuvalai Rasam?

Parvathy had better take cover. Her Thuthuvalai rasam is only in demand when Akhila has a cold. A woman of exacting tastes and requirements, if the thing you serve to Akhilandeshwari is not up to the mark, be prepared to see this expression

Okay, Fine, I Will Drink The Thuthuvalai Rasam. Happy?

For all the grandiose matriarch in her, there is still one person who has the power to coax Akhila. Only one person whom Akhila doesn’t glare at, but only looks at a little sulkily sometimes. And that’s Purushothaman, who also coaxed Akhila to drink the rasam when she had a cold.

Do I Smile Or Do I Glare With My Eyes? Nah, I Will Just Look All Mysterious.

When Akhila looks at you like this, it means nobody knows what will come next. Will she smile and appreciate you or will she glare at you angrily? Because this amazing woman, for all her expressive eyes, is also good at keeping a poker face. Damn.

Naan Oru Thadava Sonnaal, Nooru Thadava Sonna Mathiri

Like thalaiva Rajinikanth, even Akhilandeshwari’s word is the law. When Akhila says something, one does not ask for clarification or even assume it’s a one time thing only. One has to presume that it’s a lifetime’s diktat, unless she says otherwise.

I Wish My Son Would Quickly End The Suspense Of His Ties With Parvathy So That The Drama Ends!

For all her stern exterior, Akhila is actually quite a fair and concerned mother. She worries about all her children equally and the issue of Adithya and Parvathy is getting under her skin. Plus, she doesn’t like unnecessary drama and likes a degree of control over the events happening in her life.

Sometimes I Glare Because I Like It And To Make People Uncomfortable

We are pretty sure that Akhilandeshwari is aware of the effect she has on people. And she wouldn’t be human if she didn’t use to scare people sometimes just for her own amusement. .