3 Reasons Why Sembaruthi’s Adithya Is The Best Husband

Don't you think Adithya is one of the best husbands on television? Here's why we think he qualifies!

Adi Parvathy

Adithya and Parvathy’s chemistry in Sembaruthi is one of the sweetest on television. It’s so heart-warming that it leaves a smile on your face. They are just perfect for each other and we love how they understand each other so well. There is a lot of mutual respect and trust between them. Both of them value family over anything else. Adithya is the kind of husband most women wish for and so different from the other TV husbands that we are used to watching.

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Here’s why Adithya is the best husband.

Unconditional love

He loves Parvathy unconditionally and also expresses his love to her in the cutest ways possible. He does not have any high expectations from her and is content with whatever she is. He doesn’t care that she is his driver’s daughter.

Mutual respect and trust

Adithya genuinely respects Parvathy for the kind of person she is and trusts that she can never mean harm to anyone. There have been no moments in the show where he has doubted her intentions at all.

Romantic and how!

He might not plan grand gestures of sort but he does tiny things that make a lot of difference, like bringing her gifts or compliment her every now and then. He makes sure he brings a smile to her face all the time.

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