5 Dialogues From Goli Soda That Will Change Your Perspective About Life

The film is a realistic drama that fans will enjoy thanks to the writing. It also gives us immense insight into some realities of life.

1. Vanmathi’s conviction

Vanmathi talking about her issues
A still from Goli Soda

Goli Soda is a drama which narrates the struggle and life of four young boys who work as coolies at the Koyambedu market. The movie also stars some famous names from the Tamil industry. Actors like Imman Annachi, Sujatha Sivakumar, Madhusudhan Rao and Sree Raam have handled some crucial characters in the movie.

Watch the life and struggle of four nameless youth in the movie Goli Soda.

The movie depicts the life of the four youths, namely, Pulli, Settu, Sithappa and Kuttimani, it also gives us immense insight into some realities of life. So, here are five dialogues from Goli Soda that could change your perspective about life.

“I should be ashamed of myself if I do not study hard because it is my mistake but if I look ugly right from my birth then it is not my issue. And why should I repent about issues that are not my mistakes? “

2. The realisation of poverty

Saettu's notion
A still from Goli Soda

“Aachi, is it our mistake if we are born as poor?”

3. Aachi’s reasoning

Aachi's Advice
A still from Goli Soda

“Being born as an orphan, it is not your mistake but whose mistake would it be if you were to die as an orphan?”

4. The survival instinct

The police officer tries to reason
A still from Goli Soda

“It is not important to live with dignity, but it is important to stay alive.”

5. Changing the notions

Saettu's speaks about his belief
A still from Goli Soda

“The belief, a person who has everything in life carries, about doing anything to a person who has nothing in life must be broken.”

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