5 Nail-Biting Scenes From Goli Soda That Will Surely Give You A Jolt

Apart from being a hard-hitting movie, Goli Soda also has some thrilling scenes which would leave you shocked.

1. The First Revolt

Settu Fighting
A still from Goli Soda

Goli Soda is a real-life depiction of the way of the world. Talented young actors like Kishore, Sree Raam, Pandian and Murugesh have played their part of Pulli, Settu, Sithappa and Kuttimani respectively along with seasoned actors like Imman Annachi, and Sujatha Sivakumar. Apart from it being a very hard-hitting movie, it also has some thrilling scenes which would leave you shocked. The way they are depicted is so well crafted that it needs to be applauded.

Watch the heart-wrenching dilemma of four young boys in the movie Goli Soda.

Here are five scenes you should not miss in Goli Soda.

The scene where Pulli, Settu, Sithappa and Kuttimani revolt and decide to fight back instead of being subjected to humiliation by Naidu’s goons is filled with anger and rustic energy.

2. The Blackmailing Business

Puli's threat
A still from Goli Soda

The moment when these four youngsters capture Mayil, Naidu’ cousin, and ask Naidu to let go off Aachi if he wants to get Mayil back, is no less than adrenaline high scene from a typical Tamil action movie.

3. The Confrontation

Naidu is angry with the boys
A still from Goli Soda

When Naidu realises what the four young boys have done, and he tries to confront them in front of the police officer, is the time when you anticipate havoc.

4. The Torture

Naidu torturing the boys
A still from Goli Soda

In a grand move, when Naidu decides to satisfy his ego and shatter the friendship of the young boys, he has them roughed and beaten up very brutally by a hoard of goons.

5. The Face-off

Puli warns Naidu
A still from Goli Soda

Towards the end of the movie, when the four boys decide to win back their identities and fight with Naidu directly, in hand-to-hand combat, is where you feel that mass of excitement moving inside you as you wait for the boys to be victorious.

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