5 Reasons Why We Feel Prabhu Must Marry Sathya

There are multiple questions in the viewers' mind, and they would like to know how long Amul Baby will take to realise he loves Rowdy Baby.

1. Chemistry

A Still From Sathya
A Still From Sathya

Fans of Sathya have been eagerly waiting to see their favourite girl get married to Prabhu. We are sure that they don’t want him to choose Divya, who isn’t worthy of his loyalty and love. But will Prabhu realise he is fonder of Sathya than Divya? Will he understand that his heart beats only for Sathya? There are multiple questions in the viewers’ mind, and they would like to know how long Amul Baby will take to realise he loves Rowdy Baby. In this web-post, we will tell you reasons why Prabhu must marry Sathya.

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Prabhu and Sathya share explosive chemistry on screen. They make us go aww when they share the same frame. They look adorable when they have cute arguments with each other. Now, isn’t that the fascinating aspect of their relationship?

2. Compatibility

Sathya and Prabhu
Sathya and Prabhu

Prabhu, by his admission, feels happiest when he is with Sathya. He is so fond of her that he wishes to have her by his side throughout his life. Sathya reciprocates the same sentiments. Both Sathya and Prabhu beam with joy when they are with each other. What else do they need?

3. Friendship


If friendship forms the base of a marriage, then it works wonders for the couple because they will be able to understand each other better. It’s a proven fact that Prabhu and Sathya are BFFs. So how about extending this friendship to a bond called marriage?

4. Sensibility

Vishnu and Ayesha
A still from Sathya

Both Prabhu and Sathya are alike when it comes to handling emotions and relationships. They might be poles apart in terms of their attitude, but when it regarding humanity, they think alike. Hence as a duo, they are always ready to help those in need.

5. Balance Each Other Out

Sathya and Prabhu hail from opposite poles, yet they make a beautiful couple. One is tomboyish, flamboyant and short-tempered while the other is calm, composed and gentle. They balance each other out well, and their differences bring out the best in them as a couple.

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