5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Out On Prasanna’s Thiravam Streaming On ZEE5

Prasanna is an actor who has made a name for himself with his distinct style of character choice.

1. Prasanna's act

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Thiravam is, without doubt, the most anticipated series on ZEE5. There are many things about this series that makes it a must watch. The trailer itself looks promising, with actor Prasanna stepping into the shoes of the character Ravi Prakasham, a scientist and inventor. So, let us take a look at the five things that make this series a must watch.

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Prasanna is an actor who has made a name for himself with his distinct style of character choice. In fact, his characters and the way he has depicted them onscreen has often outshined his personality as an actor. So, his version of Ravi Prakasham, the nerdy scientist, is something which is very much anticipated.

2. Arvind Krishna's debut

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The second most intriguing aspect about this series is the fact that this marks the directorial debut of Arvind Krishna. Arvind who worked as Indian cinematographer for many of the famous South Indian movie, is sure to give us a treat with his new venture.

3. Kaali Venkat's character

Kaali Venkat
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Kaali Venkat who has steadily grown in the Tamil industry has created a name for himself. So, be it the supporting roles that he plays or the comedy characters that he handles. He makes them all eternal in the minds of the viewers. So, this actor playing the role of Ravi Prakasham’s best friend is definitely worth watching.

4. John Vijay's performance

John Vijay
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John Vijay has a typical style of doing things and making all his character a distinct persona. So, when we know that he is going to play the part of Pulli Bhaskar then it is surely going to be a worthwhile performance.

5. The story

Thiravam Poster

There have been many series and movies that we have seen which deal with the theme of crime and drama but definitely, this series which is packed with a heavy set of talented actors and creators, it is surely going to enthral the viewers.

So, do not miss out this series and make sure you watch each episode, end-to-end. Meanwhile, share your thoughts with us in the section given below.

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