Valentine’s Day Special: 5 Romantic Scenes From Gokulathil Seethai’s Vasundhara And Arjun

Vasundhara and Arjun’s unconventional love story in Gokulathil Seethai is sure to make you want to root for the couple.

Stills from Gokulathil Seethai

You probably know that we’re not short of fun love stories on the ZEE5 platform. Right from Sembaruthi to Sathya, we’ve got some quirky love stories to keep you entertained. Speaking of quirky love stories, here’s another one if you’re a sucker for romance. Asha Gowda and Nanda-starrer Gokulathil Seethai is one such show which fulfills all your corny but cute romantic fantasies. Right from falling in your loved one’s arms to helping each other, Gokulathil Seethai’s stars do them all and look adorable in each other’s company.

In fact, to give you a gist of how theirs is a romance that would probably strike a chord with you, we’ve compiled a few pictures and videos of them together. Check them out below.

When Arjun holds Vasundhara’s hand

To help her climb down the ladder, Arjun holds her hand. The scene definitely makes our hearts sink.

Arjun steals a glance but gets caught by Vasundhara

While Vasundhara is busy freeing her saree from Arjun’s watch, he keeps looking at her and pretending that he doesn’t care. In fact, their heads also clunk together in the process.

Vasundhara helps clean Arjun’s face

What could be more romantic than seeing your loved one help you out? Needless to say, the couple look so much in love!

Arjun and Vasundhara enjoying a lovely chat in each other’s company

Ever put your head on your partner’s lap and just talked the night away? Well, the Gokulathil Seethai pair will make you want to do it.

Arjun saves Vasundhara from falling

The classic guy-grabs-girl-when-she-slips-and-falls is a scene that always makes everyone feel butterflies in their tummy.

Much like some of the stereotypical story arcs, Arjun and Vasundhara’s story also starts with the two being averse to each other’s personalities. Hardly do they expect cupid to play it’s game and bring them together! However, a few episodes later and you can see how they are falling for each other and cannot imagine life without the other person’s presence.

If you aren’t aware of the plot, here’s what Gookulathil Seethai is about. The story revolves around Vasundhara, a down to earth, traditional woman, hailing from a middle-class family. Her simple world takes a tumultuous turn when her paths cross Arjun, a wealthy Casanova, who is known for his reckless life decisions. Despite their diverse personalities, Arjun and Vasundhara fall in love. How she tries to change Arjun’s arrogant and reckless nature, forms the crux of the story. The show stars Asha Gowda and dancer-choreographer turned actor, Nandha, in pivotal roles.

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