5 Sibling Things You Could Do To Have A Bond Like Shakti And Her Sisters

Reshma Reya who plays Shakti on Poove Poochoodava is pampered by her sisters and they are seen sharing a great bond.

On Poove Poochoodava that airs on the ZEE5, Shakti, played Reshma Reya, is seen pampered by her sisters. The three sisters on the show are inseparable and their love for each other is undying. Now, this is the case of the show, but did you know that the actress’ affection for her siblings is not limited to the show. She often posts several pictures of her having a fun-filled time with her younger sister.

Watch the strong bonding that Shakti shares with her siblings in the show Poove Poochoodava.

Taking a cue from Reshma’s relationship with her sister, let us also look at some things that can be done to strengthen the bond between sisters.

1. Childhood memories: Start with this simple activity, as it is sure to give you a good head start. Pick up a childhood picture of yours together and try to recreate it. This is sure to give a good laugh and some fun moments that you can share with your sibling.

Siblings creating a childhood imagery
Source: Instagram

2. Sister dates: Perhaps the recent problem with your sister might just be a part of the distance that has developed between you two. So, take a break! Keep away your differences and go out for a coffee or a brunch and reclaim that lost sense of love.

Reshma Reya and her sister
Source: Instagram

3. Spend time together: Plan for events that will help you to spend time with your sister. So be it a simple road trip or a vacation plan, try and accommodate your sibling into it. This will surely help you in the process of bonding.

Siblings on a vacation
Source: Instagram

4. Shopping: Go shopping with your sister. Let down the wall that you both have created around you and go on a shopping spree.

Siblings shopping together
Source: Instagram

5. Movie time: Decide on your favourite movie, search it online or go to a theatre to watch it together with a bucket of popcorn.

Sisters in a movie theatre
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Make sure you take some time and explore these activities. Also, write to us about your experiences and suggestions. Happy Bonding!

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