7 Things You Should Do To Get A Physique Like Kuttram 23’s Arun Vijay

Arun’s act in the film is indeed praiseworthy, but what is also evident is the toned physique that the actor has put forth for his fans.

Arun Vijay in Kuttram 23 poster

Getting fit and staying in shape is something most celebrities are famous for. While some of them do it as a part of their profession, a few like Arun Vijay do it as they are passionate about it. We recently saw the actor in Kuttram 23 and were blown away by his physique. Directed by Arivazhagan Venkatachalam and the film features Arun Vijay as the Assistant Commissioner of Police Vetrimaaran.

Watch the relentless struggle between the good and the bad in the movie Kuttram 23.

In the movie, the actor is seen hunting down criminals in the medical profession and bringing them to justice. Arun’s act in the film is indeed praiseworthy, but what is also evident is the toned physique that the actor has put forth for his fans.

Arun Vijay's physique
Source: Instagram

So, if you are a fan of Arun Vijay and yearn to get that toned physique, here are seven essentials you should add to your routine.

1. Diet

Diet is an essential part of your fitness regime and usually this what most of tend to overlook. The first step to getting your body in shape to have an adequate and proper diet. So, try adding more protein to your food chart. This will help you to remain energised and help you in recovery from exercise injuries.

2. Muscle movement

Our muscles usually tend to lose their toning due to top prolonged inactivity. Thus, sitting in a posture for a long time without proper gaps will lead to a decrease in the muscle tone. So, while you are at work remembering to give your body proper movements at regular intervals.

3. Adding An Extra Set

With age, our muscles tend to weaken and for strengthening them you need to put in some extra effort. So, try and increase your level of activity. Thus, opt walking and cycling as your way of commuting routine.

4. Minimum Workout Plan

According to the statistics adults should ideally put in around 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise along with two days of strength training every week.

5. Wholesome Workout

Always prefer doing compound or dynamic workout routines. As it is proven that compound working out is more beneficial than single motion exercises.

6. Weight Management

Try some workouts like push-ups and plank positions which will help you manage your own body weight. This will also help in strengthening your shoulders and correcting your posture.

7. Rest

After an intensive work out, it is necessary to get proper rest. So, after each workout session, stretch your body and give at least 24 to 48 hours of rest.

Are you motivated to get a body like Arun Vijay? Do let us know in the comments below!

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