Dance Jodi Dance 3: Put On Your Dancing Shoes And Check Out This Promo Of The Show

Watch this promo of the third season of Dance Jodi Dance here!

Dance Jodi Dance

Dance Jodi Dance is back with another season. The show has given us some of the best dancers and is an opportunity for budding, aspiring dancers to showcase their talent to the world. It’s gets tougher and more interesting every season. The best part is that there are so many dance forms that people are aware of right now, we will get to see something new in every episode. Sneha is one of the judges of the show and one of the most loved judges, too. The show will go on air from 16 November, every weekend 6.30 pm onward.

Watch the promo of the third season of Dance Jodi Dance right here.

A lot of dancers, from diverse backgrounds, who would otherwise find it difficult to grab the opportunity to showcase their talents, earn a name for themselves through the show. The posters of the show and the videos already look pretty promising. The new season will come with a lot of twists and turns. We are excited to see how the judges raise the bar and make it more challenging for the contestants.

Every contestant has a very heart-warming story to tell and a lot of them leave you teary-eyed. It’s these stories that also give you another reason to watch it, to see them grow. Not to mention, the hosts of the show leave you in splits every time. The performances are reason enough for you to get hooked to it.

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