Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 Wouldn’t Be Half As Entertaining Without Motta Rajendra’s Character

We see that in the movie it is the character played by Motta Rajendran who kicks off the laughter riot.

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Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 starring Santhanam and Motta Rajendran is a horror comedy that makes a good attempt at entertaining and also scaring the audience. Santhanam, in the movie, plays the character named Viji, who is an auto driver while Motta Rajendran plays the part of his uncle. But the problem with the duo is the fact that they both are notorious pranksters and are a nuisance for the neighbours. Although this here forms the crux of the story, there is also some romance and some supernatural hindrances that add to the entertainment quotient of the movie.

Watch the romance between Viji and Maya in the movie Dhilluku Dhuddu 2.

Now, the conflict in the movie starts at a point when Viji’s neighbours, tired of his behaviour, come together to plan on somehow making him fall for Maya (Shritha Sivadas) who works as a physiotherapist in a hospital. The reason behind this attempt is the fact that Maya, who hails from Kerala, appears to be haunted by a spirit who harms people who try to express their love to her.

Motta Rajendran
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Although Santhanam himself is good at doing comedy, we see that in the movie it is the character played by Motta Rajendran who kicks off the laughter riot. In the scene where all these characters are searching for an old artefact, in a haunted mansion, it is Motta Rajendran who takes away a big chunk of laughter with his mannerisms.

Motta Rajendran aka Rajendran who started off his career in the movie as a stunt double really shows us how far an actor can grow. For in this movie, each time we see Rajendran on the screen, we are having splits of laughter. Thus, his character is one of those characters which hold the interest of the audience and also their laughter spirit.

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