Dog, Parrot, Lamb – These Cute Pics By Jyothi Of Nachiyarpuram Are Proof She Loves Animals

Nachiyarpuram actress Rachitha Mahalakshmi is a total animal lover and these pictures prove it!

Rachitha Mahalakshmi

Rachitha Mahalakshmi aka Jyothi of Nachiyarpuram cannot be kept away from social media. The actress is super active on Instagram and continues to update us about the recent happenings of her life through her IG page. While we have already realised her love for sarees, did you know how that she is really fond of animals too? Just some time ago, the actress shared an adorable click with her cute labrador and exclaimed over how her pupper is such a lovely gift. We decided to scroll through, just for fun and noticed that Rachitha likes other animals too.

In fact, she has quite a few clicks with a parrot, possibly her pet and an adorable kid! Clearly, she is an animal person and dotes them as much as she likes her husband! You can check out some of the cute pictures of her with animals below.

Rachitha with her adorable doggo

The actress received a lovely gift of a portrait with her dog as a pup. Her dog, Happy, also seems to like the picture!

The Nachiyarpuram actress with a calf

How adorable is the calf being smothered by Rachitha? If you click on the next icon, you will see some more grabs of the diva with cows and a bunch of more animals.

Rachitha And Her Parrot

Some parrots can imitate human conversation very well. But this parrot, going by the name Chikku, also seems to be quite into selfies like her human. The parrot and the actress actually make for quite a photogenic pair, don’t you think.

Rachitha Had A Little Lamb

This is not the first time Rachitha has picked up a cute kid from the street and posed with it. It only shows how much she loves and cares for them.

Rachitha stars in the Tamil show Nachiyarpuram, as an advocate. Nachiyarpuram is produced and conceptualised by her husband Dinesh. Set against the background of the temple town of Srivalliputhur, the show marks the first onscreen pairing of Rachitha along with her husband Dinesh. The story revolves around Jyothi (Rachitha) and Karthik (Dinesh) who hail from families that have been at loggerheads for a very long time. Basically, a love story of the past triggers a long-term enmity between two families. Will Karthik and Jyothi’s love story help change the future of the two families and their long-standing animosity? Will they be able to quash all the hostility between the two families?

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