Father’s Day Special: Dads-to-be Must Take A Cue From Purushothaman Of Sembaruthi

This Father's Day, let us look at Purushothaman of Sembaruthi, who is a fine specimen of what fatherhood is all about.

Sanjay Kumar Asrani

The person, whose presence in our life often gets underestimated, is our father. According to the ancient Indian saying ‘Mata, Pita, Guru, Daivam’, the father stands second only to the mother when it comes to his role in the child’s life, followed by the Guru and the Almighty. This saying establishes the fact that the father is greater than the Guru and the Almighty. After the mother, if there’s anyone who showers unconditional love on the child, it is the father. And hence this Father’s Day, let us look at Purushothaman of Sembaruthi, who is a fine specimen of what fatherhood is all about.

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Dads-to-be must take a cue from Purushothaman (played by Sanjay Kumar Asrani) of Sembaruthi, and we will tell you why. Check out the reasons mentioned below:

Purushothaman is a calm and composed man who handles things with a relaxed frame of mind. This characteristic is inspiring because it helps a person to be approachable. A child can approach his father if he doesn’t fear his reaction or temper. Adithya (Karthik Raj), Purushothaman’s elder son informed his father about his ladylove without worrying about the consequences. Adi knew that his father wouldn’t react negatively.

Akhilandeshwari (played by Priya Raman), Purushothaman’s wife, is an overpowering character. She calls the shots in the house while Purushothaman takes a backseat. But this doesn’t mean he is incapable of putting his views forward. His soft-spoken and adjusting nature helps him to maintain peace at home. In Sembaruthi, Purushothaman’s support helps Adi express his sentiments to his mother.

The fact that Adi is married to Parvathy, is only known to Purushothaman and Arun in the house. Purushothaman approves of Adi’s relationship with Parvathy and keeps tight-lipped about it. He knows that his son is married and lends all the support he needs to keep his marital status undisclosed. Had Purushothaman not been a supportive father, Adi couldn’t have lived up to the promise he had made to Parvathy.

So today, on Father’s Day, give a big hug to your dad and thank him for all the sacrifices he has made to keep you happy. Also, do let us know what other qualities of Purushothaman do you like.

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