Goli Soda Shows The Quest Of Nameless Youngsters Who Reclaim Their Lost Identity

Like the four youths of the movie Goli Soda, we all are struggling in this world to make some space to accommodate our identities.

Goli Soda

Goli Soda is a fun and yet impactful film. It is just like having marble soda from roadside vendors, fizzy and opens with a distinct popping sound. This film stars Kishore as Pulli, Sree Raam as Settu, Pandian as Sithappa, Murugesh as Kuttimani. These characters names are not proper names but in fact, they are more like terms that designate certain things or posts. If you are surprised by this fact that hold your breath for there is more to come.

Watch the struggle of the four young boys to keep the identities safe in the movie Goli Soda.

The movie is about four nameless young boys who work as coolies in the Koyambedu market and make a living with their meager earnings. The story of the movie looks simple on a general glance, but it has layers of narratives and themes within. One such theme is where these four youngsters trying to find a purpose and identity in their life by starting a canteen, Aachi Mess in the middle of the market.

The four friends
A still from Goli Soda

This incident changes their life, as they realise that with their new venture, they have created a new identity for themselves. People who unaware of their existence start identifying them as the owners of Aachi Mess. But like someone who once said, “Happiness is but an occasional episode in a general drama of pain.” The happy and content lives of these four youths change when Naidu, a local dada, decides to establish his authority over their domain.

Leading to a series of events that changes, the life of these four individuals and everyone close to them. This theme of the importance of having an identity is clearly portrayed in the last few scenes of the movie. After facing a lot of issues from Naidu, the boys decide to retaliate. They proceed to confront him by tying him up naked in their closed-down mess. It is at this juncture they prove it to Naidu the importance of having an identity. They threaten him by saying that they would open the door of the mess and humiliate him by showing the world his pathetic state.

This scene is what the holds the crux of the movie, which says that we all are struggling in this world to make some space to accommodate our identities. And we all need that identity to lead a normal life.

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