Here’s How Adithya’s Exit From The Family Business Has Become Unlucky For Akhilandeshwari

Do you also think that Adi's decision of stepping out of the business has brought bad luck to Akhilandeshwari?


Shabana Shajahan and Karthik Raj starrer Sembaruthi is one of the most-loved shows currently running on the tube. The makers of the show are leaving no stone unturned to make it interesting and intriguing with twists and turns. Currently in Sembaruthi, we see that Adi, who is disappointed with his mother’s adamancy and arrogance, quits his family business to start his own venture. While Adi, who is focused on his goals, was determinedly working on a project to crack a deal with a German-based company, Akhilandeshwari is only facing problems ever since Adi’s exit from her company. Right from the news of a massive financial loss due to the company share values crashing to Nandini poaching Akhila’s employees to replace Akhila as the new union leader, everything seems like a bad sign. And we believe that most of these wouldn’t have happened if Adi hadn’t quit.

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Here are some things that we noticed:

Stock Market Loss 

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Recently, a supervisor from the company visited Akhilandeshwari’s mansion to inform her that the shares of their company have gone down, leaving them with a loss of crores of rupees. While things could have still been taken care of, Vanaja does not allow the supervisor to meet Akhila and neither does she tell her about it. Akhila, who is not emotionally stable at the moment, too, has not been able to focus on her professional life ever since Adi has quit the family business. She doesn’t even listen to Parvathy who tries to tell her about the loss to the company. We wonder if the company will continue to face loss only to see Adi intervene and save the company.

Poaching Employees

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Nandini, who fails to become the best businesswoman even after several attempts, takes the easy way out to beat Akhilandeshwari in the race. She poaches skilled employees from Akhila’s company. She also conducts a meeting with the members of the union to prove how she is more deserving of the position of the Union Leader by proving Akhila’s unprofessional behaviour. Well, she obviously knows how to take advantage of the given situation. What an opportunist! After the financial loss, Akhilandeshwari has now lost her skilled employees. And if her ‘don’t care’ attitude continues, she will also lose her post as Union Leader. And unfortunately, Adi is no more a part of the company to help Akhila out.

Bad Business Decisions

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Akhilandeshwari, who is upset with her favourite son Adithya ever since she found out about his marriage, is currently in very bad shape. While she has been trying to get over it, Adithya’s decision of stepping down from the business has affected her even more. And clearly, Akhila is unable to keep her personal life out of her professional life. Her absence in most of the company decisions is only going to make things worse for her. While she is fighting to balance both personal and professional lives, her enemy Nandini is taking good advantage of the situation. She is leaving no stone unturned in turning these opportunities into success. If Akhila does not pull her socks up in order to regain control of the current situation, in no time, she will witness failure in all aspects of life.

Well, Adi’s exit has definitely invited trouble for Akhila. Will there be more in the days to come? Also, if you do not want to see Akilandeshwari in trouble, you can send some suggestions for her in the comment section below.

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