How Enakkul Oruvan Captures A Struggle Between Reality And A Dream

Vajravel gives Vicky a drug called Lucia. After this, it becomes difficult to differentiate between dream and reality.

Enakkul Oruvan poster

Do you all remember that scene from The Matrix, in which Morpheus offers Neo with the option of choosing from two pills? Well, a scene from Ennakul Oruvan where Vicky, a character played by Siddharth, goes to meet Vajravel, essayed by John Vijay looks very similar to this. Everything about this scene, right from the green light in the room to the mysterious black-clad person sitting on a chair, to the confused person in search of an answer, looks familiar. But Enakkul Oruvan, which is streaming on ZEE5, is not a sci-fi movie. And unlike the Hollywood film, it revolves around the life and emotions of Vicky.

Watch the life and struggle of the character Vicky in the movie Ennakul Oruvan.

Vicky’s character is shown that of an insomniac. In the first few scenes of the movie, we are given a glimpse of the simple life that Vicky leads and the issue that torments him. But it is only with the introduction of Vajravel that things change for Vicky. Vajravel gives him a drug called Lucia. After this, it becomes difficult for the audience to differentiate between dream and reality.

A still from Enakkul Oruvan

After Vicky consumes the drug, an alternate story pops up, like a dream in monochrome where Vicky is seen as a superstar. Now the struggle for the audience to differentiate and stick to the reality in the story is understandable, but you can also see this struggle in the character of Vicky. As everything that happens with the simpleton, Vicky also seems to happen with the celebrity Vicky but on a different level.

Vicky the movie star
A still from Enakkul Oruvan

And as the movie progresses it the two stories the one in colour and the other in monochrome collide in so many levels that the thin line that exists between the sense of reality and dream snaps and you are finally presented with the truth. But this journey in the movie through the struggles between a reality and a dream is a well-executed one.

So, prepare yourself for a bumpy ride and some interesting plot twists through the course of the movie. But make sure you watch the movie, for the experience to stay in a state in between the dream and reality is exciting. If you have already watched the movie, do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below!

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