How Vetrivel Rises Up Above Rajamanickam And Make A Difference With His Act

The characters of Rajamanickam and Vetrivel are set apart by an ocean of differences but they have some similarities.

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Vetrivel a Tamil film streaming on ZEE5 deals with the issues of different individuals who are bound by social and cultural norms. While we see that division between the characters to be distinct but there are lines of similarities drawn between them. Two such characters who play an important part in the movie are Rajamanickam, played by Prabhu and Vetrivel, a role essayed by M Sasikumar.

Watch the conflict of the caste as it is depicted in the movie Vetrivel.

In the movie, we see that both the characters of Rajamanickam and Vetrivel are set apart by differences. While Rajamanickam is an ideal leader whom everybody respects and wants to follow, Vetrivel is considered as a young man with no definite aim. Similarly, Rajamanickam is a powerful person in the village who follows the traditions of his caste and does not want to step out of that boundaries. In this respect we find Vetrivel to have a modern outlook and he barely follows the customs and traditions.

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Thus, in the scene where Vetrivel’s father goes to ask Rajamanickam’s daughter’s hand in marriage for his younger son, Rajamanickam refuses by saying that this act would be outside the caste norms. On the other hand, when Vetrivel’s mother questions him about his act of performing the last rites for his father-in-law, he gives her a reply which is very logical and progressive according to many standards. Thus, we see that although in the movie both Rajamanickam and Vetrivel have a good age difference, it is Vetrivel who rises up above the former and acts like a wise man.

So, what do you think? Whose character is better? Is it Vetrivel or is it Rajamanickam? Share your thoughts with us in the section given below.

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