If You Enjoy Photography Like Mangai, Here Are 5 Basic Tips To Click That Perfect Picture

Photography is an art form, as a matter of fact when it comes to clicking good pictures you should always follow a method and have a checklist.

Lakshmi Vasudevan on a holiday

Did you know Mangai from Oru Oorla Oru Rajakumari loves photography? Yes, this might surprise you but that is the truth. Recently, Lakshmi Vasudevan who plays the part of Mangai on the show posted a picture of her new DSLR camera on her Instagram page. Lakshmi Vasudevan has been making news with her travel itineraries and pictures on social media and now with this post, that reveals her passion for photography, she is sure to create a stir.

Watch Lakshmi Vasudevan’s conflicts as the character Mangai in the show Oru Orla Oru Rajakumari.

Now photography is not just a matter of interest, but it is also an art form. As a matter of fact, when it comes to taking a good picture you should always have a checklist that you should follow.

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So, if you want to learn photography like the Oru Oorla Oru Rajakumari actress, here are five things you should know. 

1. Let there be light: A good picture is the one that has the correct amount of light and exposure. So, it is important to control the light that falls on the subject, as too much of light could amount to improper focus and blurry images. To avoid this, you should be patient and wait for that perfect light to capture the true beauty of your subject.

2. Hold it still: Another important thing that you should keep in mind is keeping your images steady. To do this you should hold your camera in a manner where there is very less camera shake. You could try bringing your arms closer to your body so that they are stable against your core. You could also make use of a tripod during your initial phase.

3. Composition: Like any work of art, composition is an important part of photography. For this, use gridlines available in options. Then try to fit in your subject within these grid lines in such a manner that it lies in a proper intersection to at least one of the vertical and horizontal lines.

4. Perspective: A photograph is a viewpoint! So, experiment with it try changing your perspective about the subject in hand. Try changing the elevation, the angle and the distance to get that perfect photo.

5. Learn from your Mistakes: It is true what they say, “Practice makes a man perfect”! So, click away, for you may need to click a thousand times before you perfect your style.

Hope these tips lead you in a proper manner and you take a step closer to your passion. But do not forget to let us know your opinions.

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