Kuttram 23: A Typical Crime Thriller Or A Medical Drama?

Apart from revealing the medical crimes that happen around us the movie also shows the hollow attitude of the doctors in today’s world.

Kuttram 23 Poster

Crime thrillers have always had a special place in the minds of the audience. The gripping storyline, unexpected plot twists and the least anticipated conclusions have always made its fair share in giving the viewers a wholesome experience of watching a movie. In a similar context, Kuttram 23 offers you all the essentials of a crime thriller. Arun Vijay plays a duty-bound cop Vetrimaran in the film.

Watch the medical crime as it happens in the movie Kuttram 23.

While the focus of the story is the serial murder of several pregnant women but the most important point that is developed through the course of the movie is how the crime is conceptualised and initiated by the medical practitioners and their staff. This is a take that has not been much experimented on by the Tamil industry.

Arun Vijay in Kuttram 23
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The way the filmmakers have decided to explore the intricate details of medical procedures and its pitfalls is worth a round of applause. Also, the way Vetrimaran stumbles upon the harsh reality that is happening around him is exciting. Even in the height of its focus on the medical crimes this movie also gives us a message of social relevance.

What the movie also does apart from explaining and revealing the medical crimes that happen around us is that it also shows the hollow and money minded attitude of the doctors in today’s world. The movie makes it a point to show how people like Dr Tulsi, a character played by Kalyani Natarajan take undue advantage of their position and experience.

Thus, Kuttram 23 is a well written and well-executed crime thriller that has evident references for a medical drama. Do let us know about your opinions on the same in the section given below.

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