Mathivanan’s Monologue In Sigai Is The Soul Of The Film

The monologue that Mathivanan mouths is intense as it retains the honesty of a soul who has immensely suffered.

Sigai movie poster

Sigai deals with intricate issues of the social stigma of transgenders. This crime thriller has Kathir playing the part of Mathivanan, who is a transgender who succumbs to his feelings and emotions. This challenging role was very effortlessly portrayed and presented to the audience.

Watch Mathivanan’s struggle with himself and his identity in the movie Sigai.

Now, what is also the highlight of the character of Mathivanan is the fact that he has hidden the fact that he is a transgender from the whole world. He is afraid of not being accepted and the ridicule that he might be subjected. So, in one of the scenes when he speaks out his mind and says that he is a woman trapped in the body of a man and that he wishes to let loose the woman inside him, you feel for the character. The fact remains that in India, it is no easy task for a person belonging to the third sex to let out the truth.

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Thus, the monologue that Mathivanan says over the dead body of a sex worker is intense. It retains the honesty of a soul who has suffered. Also, it becomes the turning point in the life of Mathivanan, as it is at this point, he realises the importance of accepting himself and being the individual, he always intended to. Moreover, this scene acts as a crucial part of the movie too. So, if you were to say that this monologue holds the soul of the movie then it would not be a far-fetched claim.

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