Postman Episode 6 Written Update: John Feels Guilty For Misunderstanding His Father

The caretaker reveals a story that John’s dying father had told him, the latter feels a deep sense of guilt. Read the full update.


In the previous episode of Postman, Twenty-three years ago, before Raja became unconscious, Sameer and Vidya had applied for a divorce, leaving their son with Vidya’s brother Dr. Vishwa. Later, their son died of a seizure attack. In the present time, Raja regained his consciousness, meets Sameer to hand him the pending letter. Sameer realises that it’s from his son. He goes into a state of shock after reading the letter. When Raja and Rajini learn the contents of the letter, the three of them decide to punish the murderer of his son. They go to meet Vidya’s brother Dr. Vishwa. While Raja and Rajini sit outside, Sameer goes to meet him and records Dr. Vishwa’s confession. He not only confesses to being a paedophile but he also reveals how he molested Sameer’s son. The doctor further confesses that he murdered the boy on finding out that he has been trying to reach his parents to expose him. As the doctor’s confession goes live on social media, he commits suicide to escape the embarrassment.

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In the sixth episode, Raja and Rajini take the next letter to John. After reading it, John reveals that it’s a letter from his father who wanted to meet him one last time. Raja, suggests to him that they should visit the ashram but the latter refuses and accuses his father to be a liar. Rajini, who is irked with John’s behavior, tells him that they are visiting the ashram and he can join if he wants. Rajini notes the address and visits the old age home where John’s father lived. When Rajini and Raja reach the ashram, they are surprised to see John there.

The caretaker informs John that his father has passed away, and hands him a bag full of money that his father had left behind. The caretaker also reveals a story that John’s dying father had told him. John learns that his father could not come back to them as he was suffering from leprosy. He also gets to know that his mother filed a divorce and got married to someone else. John and Raja feel a deep sense of guilt after hearing the truth. Later, the caretaker gives money to John but he declines and insists that it be used for the ashram. However, the caretaker tells him that his father has given a lot to them and this money only belongs to John. Will John accept the money? Stay tuned!

If you are new to the series, here what you need to know about Postman. The story revolves around Raja, a postman and possibly the biggest fan of Rajinikanth, who leads a happy life with his daughter. However, on a tragic day, with nine letters yet to be delivered, Raja meets with an accident and slips into a coma. The series of events that take place when he tries to deliver these letters 23 years later forms the crux of the story.

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