Sathya 21 November 2019 Preview: Divya Is Scared That Bala Will Stop Her Marriage

Here's what's going to happen in the upcoming episode of Sathya.


In the previous episode, Sathya finds out about Divya and Bala. She goes to talk to Divya about the truth and Divya tells her how Bala is basically a fraud who only lied to her a lot. However, Sathya’s friends decide to expose her anyway using different tactics since they also care about Prabhu. They call both, Divya and Bala, to a restaurant using fake voices. They also rope in Kathir, who agrees to help them out since he knows the truth about how devious Divya is in life.

Watch the previous episode here.

In the upcoming episode, Divya is worried about scared about what Bala might do to stop her wedding. She also wonders how Kathir is involved in all of this. She decides to call Salim and ask him to help her, not knowing that Salim is actually Sathya. Will Divya’s lies be exposed? Will Prabhu end up marrying Sathya? What will happen to Divya and Bala? To know more, watch Sathya on Zee5 tonight.

For the unversed, Sathya is Prabhu’s best friend who also falls for him. Prabhu, however, sees her as a best friend and has no romantic feelings for her but is not able to tell her since he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. He is also engaged to Sathya’s sister, Divya, who is only marrying him for money and even dumps her ex boyfriend on finding out that he is not as wealthy as he told her he was.

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