Sathya: Guruji Surprises Prabhu By Blessing Him And Sathya In The Temple

The Guruji knows Sathya is destined to get married to Prabhu and blesses them after seeing the two of them together in the temple.

Prabhu of Sathya

Guruji knows who should ideally get married to Prabhu. From the beginning, he knew that Divya was not the right choice for Prabhu. He only proceeded with the engagement ceremony only because her horoscope matched perfectly with Prabhu’s. However, he knows the horoscope doesn’t belong to Divya, but someone else and his inner voice says it is Sathya’s.

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Hence, after supervising Prabhu and Divya’s engagement ceremony in the temple, he meets Sathya. He knows she is destined to get married to Prabhu and blesses the two of them after seeing them together. For the unversed, Prabhu joins Sathya as she helps a couple get married in the same temple. When he stands close to Sathya while getting pics clicked with the couple, the Guruji lays his eyes on them and blesses them for a blissful future ahead.

Prabhu, who feels guilty of not disclosing the news about his engagement to Sathya, fears the Guruji might tell her about it. However, he gets surprised when the saintly person blesses him and her collectively. Sathya’s friends are happy to see with Prabhu because they want her to get married to him. Even Prabhu’s friend feels he must marry Sathya and not Divya. But circumstances don’t favour them.

Interestingly, Sathya’s family has kept her in the dark about Divya’s engagement with Prabhu. They didn’t even invite her to attend the ceremony. Moreover, Prabhu doesn’t know that Divya has a younger sister. He agrees to marry Divya only because his parents have chosen her for him and not because he loves her. Sadly, Prabhu doesn’t realise he is in love with Sathya. Keep watching the show to find out what happens next!

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