Sathya: Guruji To Know The Truth About Divya?

Guruji's inner voice keeps telling him that Divya isn't the right girl for Prabhu, but he chooses to remain tight-lipped because of the horoscope.

Divya of Sathya

The Guruji, who is a well-wisher of Prabhu and his family, is not convinced with Divya’s conduct and mannerisms. According to him, her behaviour does not match the horoscope that presented to him during the match-making session. His inner voice always keeps telling him that Divya isn’t the right choice for Prabhu, but he chooses to remain tight-lipped only because of the horoscope match. However, he wishes to know what the truth is, so he asks Prabhu’s family to organise the engagement ceremony for the second time.

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Prabhu and Divya’s engagement ceremony is underway at the temple where Sathya is with her friends to help a couple get married. Divya feels the jitters after seeing Sathya in the temple and hopes she doesn’t get caught. For the unversed, Sathya is under the impression that Divya is getting engaged to Bala. She has no clue that her sister will marry Prabhu, the man she loves.

In today’s episode, you will see the Guruji giving a task to Divya during the second engagement ceremony to see if she passes in the test. He asks her to light a lamp kept on top of a coconut and then do a parikrama around the temple. But the fire turns off, and Divya cheats the Guruji by lighting it once again. And when Guruji asks her about it, she lies saying that it remained as it is. Guruji knows Divya is lying because he saw it extinguishing.

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