Sathya Kissing Prabhu On Her Birthday Will Melt Your Heart, Watch Video

Sathya, who is thrilled to see the special arrangements made by Prabhu for her birthday, runs towards him and plants multiple kisses on his face.

A still from Sathya

Fans of Sathya have been eagerly looking forward to seeing her purpose to Prabhu. Sathya had told her friends that she would express her feelings for Prabhu on her birthday, but she hasn’t yet mustered the courage to do so. Nonetheless, the scene shared below will melt your heart because it is something you have been dying to see for a long time.

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Sathya gets disappointed after knowing that Prabhu has flown to Hyderabad and wouldn’t be able to attend her birthday bash. However, she isn’t aware of the surprise her Amul Baby has planned for her. Prabhu buys a variety of dresses for Sathya so that she can choose the attire of her choice for her birthday. He also asks Shashi to narrate a fake story about him going missing from the airport. And by executing this plan, Prabhu succeeds in bringing Sathya to the venue.

Check out the scene here:

Sathya, who is thrilled to see the arrangements made by Prabhu, runs towards him and plants multiple kisses on his face. Sathya can’t contain her excitement and on the spur of the moment, proposes to him. But wait, it’s a dream sequence! We know you want to see Sathya get married to Prabhu and can’t wait to see them as a couple. As a couple, Sathya and Prabhu set the screen on fire and it is just a matter of time when the two get united.

For the unversed, Sathya misunderstands Prabhu’s friendship and assumes he loves her. He is engaged to her elder sister Divya, who cheats on him. Sadly, Prabhu is not aware of the fact that Sathya is Divya’s sister. Who will get married to Prabhu – Sathya or Divya? Let us know by leaving your comment below and for more entertainment, watch Poove Poochoodava on ZEE5.