Sathya Makes Heart-Shaped Chapati For Prabhu; He Tears It To Pieces?

In today's episode of Sathya, Prabhu may reject her proposal albeit rather indirectly. Prabhu may end up breaking Sathya's heart.

Prabhu of Sathya

Sathya is super excited about serving the food cooked by her, to Prabhu. But will her efforts reap fruits? In today’s episode of Sathya, Prabhu may reject her proposal albeit rather indirectly. Yes, you read that right and it may sound heartbreaking. Though it is difficult to say whether or not it will happen in real, but Prabhu may end up breaking Sathya’s heart.

Here’s what you may see tonight. Sathya makes a heart-shaped chapati for Prabhu. Kathir’s mother serves food to Prabhu, Sathya and Shashi as everyone else looks on. Prabhu, who finds the heart-shaped chapati on his platter, picks it up, looks at Sathya angrily and tears it to pieces. Not just that, Prabhu throws it off, leaving Sathya disillusioned. Apart from Sathya, Kathir, his family and Sathya’s friends are equally shocked to see Prabhu behaving so rudely. But the big question is this – is it Prabhu’s imagination or will he indeed express his anger on Sathya by rejecting her expression of love?

For the unversed, here’s a summary of the last few episodes. Prabhu feels relieved after he drops off Sathya at Kathir’s home. He tells Shashi that he will focus only on his marriage to Divya and give her the time and attention that she deserves. However, he is not aware of the fact that Divya is only treating him as an option. Ironically, Divya is also contemplating marriage with Bala, her boyfriend. However, she is yet to decide, who is a better choice for her. Moreover, she has kept Prabhu in the dark about Sathya being her younger sister. She has also lied to his family about her horoscope. And sadly. Sathya, who dreams about marrying Prabhu, doesn’t even know that he is the man chosen by her family for her elder sister Divya.

To know whether or not Prabhu rejects Sathya’s proposal, watch the episode tonight, and for more entertainment, follow Piriyadha Varam Vendum, a show based on the concept of reincarnation, on ZEE5.