Sathya Teaches Us The Importance Of Social Responsibility That Is The Need Of Time

Sathya's difference is not restricted to just being bold and headstrong but it also extends to the fact that she is very much socially inclined.


Sathya is a series that streams on ZEE5, the name of the show is based on the name of the main female lead. In the series, we see that Sathya is a tomboy who tries to manage her role as a daughter while also finding out ways to make her family sustain. In many respects, the character of Sathya is inspiring in the sense that she makes us realise our own hypocrisy.

Watch the series Sathya to see the struggle of a girl against the established social norms.

The series Sathya is not a typical romantic drama that you have been watching and it has elements that point at the fact that this series is something which will shake your belief systems. In fact, if you closely watch the series you would notice as to how this show creates a balance between the aspect of fiction and social relevance. Thus, each and every character of the show is different in this context.

So, be it the outspoken and strong character of Sathya or the kind-hearted and understanding character of Karthik, they all contribute to the same greater good of the story. Now, if we were to just focus on the character of Sathya, then we can, in the first glance itself, say that she is different. But her difference is not restricted to just being a bold and headstrong individual, as it also extends to the fact that Sathya is very much socially inclined.

Sathya and Divya
A still from Sathya

So, be it the fact that she feeds the poor folks living on the street to the fact that she is there for the needy is something that makes her stand out. Moreover, this fact also makes her atypical heroine who demands a different hero. Thus, if you would observe, Vikram needs to grow more social responsibilities and a sense of understanding of the struggles of a common man to win the heart of Sathya.

So, what do you think will happen? Will Vikram and Sathya fall in love? Let us know your opinions in the section below.

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