Sathya: Will Prabhu Come To Know About Divya And Bala’s Relationship?

It looks likely that Divya will not be able to keep her relationship with Bala under wraps for too long because he has assured her of marriage.

Prabhu of Sathya

Will Divya’s relationship with Bala get exposed in the presence of Prabhu? To know what happens next, watch today’s episode of Sathya in the evening. It looks likely that Divya will not be able to keep her relationship with Bala under wraps because he has assured her of marriage by getting her introduced to his family. Divya knows that Bala will inherit the Rs 200-crore-worth property and will choose him over Prabhu.

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For the unversed, Prabhu thinks that Divya loves him and is keen to get married to her. However, he feels happier when he is with Sathya but rejects the idea of marrying her because she is tomboyish. Prabhu’s friend thinks that he loves Sathya but wonders why he is going ahead with his marriage plans with Divya. Meanwhile, Sathya sees Divya with Bala at the restaurant. She mistakes Bala to be the man her family has chosen for Divya. She is happy that her sister has found a good match. Nonetheless, she doesn’t ask her family about it. Moreover, Divya, her mother and grandmother haven’t disclosed anything about Divya’s fiance to Sathya.

Divya was lucky enough to escape during a couple of occasions when her relationship with Bala was about to get exposed. Will she be lucky one again? Who will Divya choose – Prabhu or Bala? What do you think?

Ayesha (Sathya) plays the titular role in the show based on a tomboyish girl who runs her mechanic center. She falls in love with Prabhu (essayed by Vishnu Vijay) without knowing that he is her sister’s fiance. Interestingly, even Prabhu has been kept in the dark about Sathya by Divya’s family. How will he react when he comes to know that Sathya is Divya’s sibling? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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