Sathya’s Marriage Date Is Set

Sathya's marriage date has been set, but will Prabhu make an appearance at the Registrar's office?


In the previous episode of Sathya, we saw that Kathir and his friends had somehow duped Prabhu into giving his signature so that they could use it to register his marriage with Sathya. Scroll below to read about what is likely to happen in today’s episode.

If you haven’t watched the previous episode, you can do so here.

Today’s episode will open with Sathya, Kathir and her garage friends going to the registrar’s office to apply for a registered marriage. The registrar, who is well-acquainted with Sathya, gives her a marriage slot for the very next day itself. Now, it is upto Kathir and his friends to return to Prabhu’s office and coax him to come to the Registrar’s office the next day on another false pretext. Will Kathir’s plan work? Will Sathya finally marry her Amul baby?

To find out, watch this episode of Sathya this evening on ZEE5. For more such entertainment, catch Rettai Roja, the story of twin sisters Anuradha and Abirami, streaming on ZEE5.