Sembaruthi 10 July Preview 2019: Will Nandhini Kidnap Purushothaman From The Hospital?

When Adithya attends a phone while standing outside the hospital room, Nandhini's goons abduct Purushothaman after making him unconscious.

Nandhini meets Vanaja and Mithra

Purushothaman suffers a heart-attack before revealing the truth about Mithra to Akhilandeshwari. He is rushed to the hospital immediately for treatment. Vanaja, who learns about his condition, fears he might make the shocking revelation after getting discharged. So, she meets Nandhini to discuss the plan of action. What will Nandhini do to stop Purushothaman from unmasking Mithra? To know what happens hereafter, watch Sembaruthi tonight.

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Nandhini somehow wants to stop Purushothaman from getting back home from the hospital. So, she sends her goons dressed like doctors to kidnap him. When Adithya attends a phone while standing outside the hospital room, the goons abduct Purushothaman after making him unconscious. Now how will Adithya rescue his father?

For those who missed the last few episodes, here’s a summary. Vanaja, who knew Purushothaman has plans to convince Akhilandeshwari to accept Adithya’s relationship with Parvathy, during his birthday celebrations, hatches a plot to stop him from doing so. She convinces Akhilandeshwari to let Mithra perform the Munnorgal Puja to become a member of the Adhikadavur family. Akhilandeshwari agrees and hopes Mithra succeeds in getting blessed by her elders.

Adithya, who knows Mithra belongs to the Naagpuri Vamsam, doesn’t want her to do the Munnorgal puja. Hence, he asks Parvathy to perform it secretly in his room. He is confident about Parvathy succeeding in her efforts. As expected, Parvathy wins while Mithra loses. Mithra’s Sphatiga Mala turns dark in colour while Parvathy’s Mala remains as it is. Vanaja, who sees Parvathy performing the Puja, steals her Mala and replaces it with Mithra’s.

Thus, Vanaja saves Mithra and makes Akhilandeshwari embrace her as an Adhikadavur.

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