Sembaruthi 11 April 2019 Preview: Adithya And Parvathy Go Into A Nostalgic Mode

Adithya and Parvathy look into each other's eyes and they go on to think about all the incidents in the past.

Karthik Raj as Adithya

In the last episode of Sembaruthi, we saw how Purushothaman accidentally spills the soup on himself and burns his hand very badly. Later, in front of Akhilandeshwari, Vanaja accuses Parvathy of being careless, which leads to a situation where Akhilandeshwari slaps Parvathy in front of everyone. Incidentally, Adithya gets back at his mother and says that she should have been a bit more patient about learning what really happened. Akhilandeshwari is shocked by this sudden change in Adithya’s nature and she walks away. Finally, Adithya and Parvathy share some romantic time together.

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We see that Adithya and Parvathy are together and they have a nostalgic moment. Adithya and Parvathy look into each other’s eyes and they go on to think about all the incidents in the past. They think of the time that they have spent together and instances when they had felt the need to express their love for each other. They also think of the times when either one of them was feeling low and the other person emotionally supported the other. It seems that they are looking back at the depth of the love that they have been sharing all this while.

So what do you think happened? Why are they suddenly recounting their past?

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