Sembaruthi 12 April 2019 Preview: Arun Tries To Defend Parvathy Against Vanaja

Arun asks Vanaja whether she knows who Parvathy actually is.


In the last episode of Sembaruthi, we saw how Vanaja saw the metti that Parvathy was wearing on her finger and slyly asked Parvathy about it in front of Akhilandeshwari. Parvathy is dumbfounded and is not able to answer quickly. Later, Akhilandeshwari questions her about her reason for wearing metti and that too on her finger. Surprisingly, Patamma comes to Parvathy’s rescue and she says that it was she who gifted it to Parvathy. And she makes some excuse about a ritualistic thing related to the metti.

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In today’s episode, we see that Arun is angry with Vanaja as he tries to defend Parvathy, and in his anger, he asks Vanaja whether she knows who Parvathy actually is? To this Vanaja mockingly replies that she already knows that Parvathy is the brand ambassador of the company. Meanwhile, Arun in his mind thinks about how he should have told Vanaja the truth that Parvathy is actually his elder brother’s wife and the eldest daughter-in-law of the family. On the other hand, Mithra and the others are shocked to see this Arun and Vanaja’s one on one confrontation.

So, what do you think happened? Why is Arun angry with Vanaja?

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