Sembaruthi 12 August 2019 Preview: Mithra Wears Ancestral Chain; Akhilandeshwari Slaps Her

Mithra secretly enters Akhilandeshwari's bedroom and in her absence wears the Adhikadavur ancestral chain.


Its been a while we have seen Akhilandeshwari reprimanding Mithra for doing obnoxious things. In today’s episode of Sembaruthi, fans of Adithya and Parvathy will be happy to see Mithra getting slapped by Akhilandeshwari. Yes, you read that right. Mithra secretly enters Akhilandeshwari’s bedroom and in her absence, wears the Adhikadavur ancestral chain. Not just that, she goes on to click a pic of hers wearing the chain. Akhilandeshwari, who enters her room, gets shocked to see Mithra wearing the ancestral piece of jewelry. Those who know how shot-tempered Akhilandeshwari is, wouldn’t be shocked to see her raising her hand on Mithra.

Thus, Mithra gets punished for wearing the chain without Akhilandeshwari’s consent. Akhilandeshwari’s anger is justified because she hasn’t even allowed her sons Adithya or Arun to touch the chain without seeking her permission. Now, it will be interesting to see why Mithra secretly gets a pic clicked sporting the chain around her neck.

For the unversed, here’s a quick flashback to the story. Akhilandeshwari had gifted the chain to Parvathy but had taken it back after the guruji had asked her to do so. Vanaja creates a mess out if it by stealing it from the outhouse to falsely implicate Sundaram of fraud. She gets an identical chain made, to blame Sundaram and humiliate him. However, Adithya outsmarts Vanaja by proving she had staged the entire act to malign Sundaram’s image. After knowing Sundaram is innocent, Akhilandeshwari apologises to Parvathy and punishes Vanaja for creating the misunderstanding. To know what happens hereafter, keep watching Sembaruthi and for more entertainment, check out Sathya, the love story of a tomboyish girl.