Sembaruthi 12 July 2019 Preview: Akhilandeshwari Sees Parvathy Chasing A Garbage Van

In today's episode, Purushothaman will tell Akhila that irrespective of what she does, she will be destined to bump into Parvathy time and again.


The Guruji, who had earlier asked Akhilandeshwari to keep Parvathy out her house, appears once again to reiterate the same message. He says if Akhilandeshwari wants her son to marry the girl of her choice, then she must ask Parvathy to stay away from her family.

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In today’s episode, Purushothaman will tell Akhilandeshwari irrespective of what she does she will be destined to bump into Parvathy time and again. When Akhilandeshwari wonders what Purushothaman wishes to convey, she sees Parvathy chasing a garbage van. Akhilandeshwari, who is in the opposite direction, takes a U-Turn to follow Parvathy. Why does Parvathy chase the garbage truck? To know what happens hereafter, watch Sembaruthi tonight.

For the unversed, Purushothaman, shared his opinion about Adithya and Parvathy’s relationship on his birthday to convince her to accept their relationship. But the exact opposite happened after Purushothaman expresses his views. He also says he doesn’t feel Mithra will be a good match for their son Adithya. But Akhilandeshwari leaves the house in a fit of rage without knowing what Mithra did to impress her and become a member of the Adhikadavur family.

He knows Mithra is Nandhini’s sister who hails from the Naagpuri Vamsam, an arch-rival of the Adhikadavurs. Now how will he communicate this to his wife, who is in no mood to talk to him? And will Akhilandeshwari ask Parvathy to stop coming to her house? Stay tuned to find out!

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