Sembaruthi 12 June 2019 Written Update: Vanaja Plans To Trap Parvathy And Adithya

Parvathy's worries multiply when she knows Vanaja's plan to serve tea to Akhilandeshwari in Adi's mug.

Vanaja is planning

In the last episode of Sembaruthi, we saw that Parvathy and Adithya are disturbed when they saw Akhilandeshwari crying in the temple. Parvathy asks Adi to go and console Akhilandeshwari as she feels that it is because of Adi’s behaviour that Akhilandeshwari is worried. Later, Parvathy is in tears and she says to Adi that if ever there comes a time when he has to choose between her and his mother, then he should definitely choose his mother. Meanwhile, Vanaja, Mithra and Uma discuss and decide that they should find some evidence which they can use against Adi and Parvathy. So, they ask Uma to slyly sneak into Adi’s bedroom and look for some substantial evidence.

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In today’s episode, we see that Uma has got the cup from Adi’s room for Vanaja and Mithra but Vanaja is not able to find anything important in the coffee mug. In the meantime, Uma asks Parvathy to bring some coffee, when Mithra realises that Parvathy is soon going to walk into the room with the coffee she asks Uma to hide the mug but Vanaja stops her from doing so and says that if there is some connection between Parvathy and the mug then definitely her reaction might give them some clue. So, they keep the mug in plain sight and wait for Parvathy.

When Parvathy enters the room with the coffee, Uma ushers her in and asks her to place the coffee pot near the mug which they have kept. When Parvathy sees that cup she is shocked, as she realises it is the same mug which belonged to the pair that Adi had gifted her and which is a heat changing mug that will show their (Adi and Parvathy) picture when a hot liquid is poured into it. In her shock, she rushes to call Adi and inform him but finds his phone to be switched off.

Uma holding Adi's mug
A still from Sembaruthi

Meanwhile, Uma pours her share of coffee in Adi’s mug and drinks it but she is naive and is not aware that the mug is showing the picture of Adi and Parvathy. But when she helps herself for a second cup, Vanaja sees the image and is happy to have found some evidence against Adi and Parvathy. So, she goes to the hall and torments Parvathy asking her to bring some piping hot tea, knowing the fact that Parvathy is worried about the mug.

Later, Parvathy’s worries just multiply when she realises Vanaja’s plan is to give Akhilandeshwari the tea in Adi’s mug. Finally, when Akhilandeshwari comes down Vanaja asks Pattamma to serve the tea for everyone and when Akhilandeshwari is given the tea in Adi’s mug, Vanaja slyly points out the photo that materialised. This comes as a big shock to Akhilandeshwari.

So, what do you think will happen? How will Akhilandeshwari react to this?

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