Sembaruthi 12 November 2019 Written Update: Mithra Begs Akhilandeshwari To Forgive Her

Read to find out what happened in tonight's episode of Sembaruthi.


In the previous episode, we saw that Adithya teaming up with Guruji to show Akhilandeshwari that Parvathy has their ancestors’ blessings. Guruji asks Mithra to light a diya and gives her three chances to do so. Mithra fails to light the diya and Guruji asks Parvathy to come forward. Akhilandeshwari is baffled that Guruji calls her forward but he asks her to be patient since he is only trying to prove a point. Parvathy thinks of the thatha at the temple, smiles and lights the diya.

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To everyone’s surprise, Parvathy is able to light the diya that has water in it instead of oil. Adithya then tells Akhila that Parvathy was the one who got the blessings in all the pujas and Mithra used it to her benefit to fool Akhila. A fuming Akhila slaps Mithra for cheating her. Mithra starts crying and accepts that she cheated. She also says that she did not take Akhila’s laptop the other day to send an email but for something else.

Mithra twists the entire thing to her benefit and tells Akhila that she only did whatever she did to gain Adi’s love since she cannot imagine life without him. She wanted to look for business-related information on Akhila’s laptop so she can strike a conversation with Adi. Akhila melts on hearing this. Mithra also begs for forgiveness.

The Guruji leaves and so does everyone else, from the living room. Later on, Purushothaman tries to tell Akhila that Mithra is not trustworthy but she is blinded by the fact that Mithra loves Adi a lot. Purushothaman is upset on how their plan almost failed. After some time, Mithra goes to Adi’s room looking for him.

In his wardrobe, she spots a box with saree in it. She knows that it is Adi’s gift to Parvathy but decides to take it anyway. Just as she leaves the room, she runs into Parvathy who sees the box and gets into a fight with her. Parvathy asks her to hand over the box to her immediately since it is Adi’s gift to her and not Mithra.

Mithra refuses to hand it over. Just then, Adi walks in and calls her a thief. He takes the saree from her and gives it to Parvathhy, asking her to change into the saree immediately. Parvathy obliges. Adi also asks Mithra to wait and see how beautiful Parvathy looks in the saree. An angry Mithra stands there as Parvathy comes out of the room looking beautiful in the saree. She leaves Adithya spellbound.

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