Sembaruthi 13 August 2019 Written Update: Nandhini Targets Arun To Ruin Akhila’s Company

Nandhini hatches a plot to ruin Akhilandeshwari's business empire. She has planted one of her loyalists in Adithya's company.


In today’s episode of Sembaruthi, you will see the unexpected. Yes, that’s right. Its an eventful episode because you will see Sundaram giving a fitting reply to Vanaja after she takes a dig at him for returning to the city as soon as Akhilandeshwari visits his village to console him. Moreover, it will pave way for a new track that will lead to the destruction of Arun at the professional front. To know how the episode unfolded today, read on.

Vanaja and Mithra visit the outhouse to poke fun at Sundaram for showing that he is spineless and doesn’t care about his self-respect. They ridicule him and Parvathy to such an extent that he loses his cool. He gives a fitting reply to Vanaja by saying that he may be a driver but he is way better than her. Vanaja and Mithra get shocked to see Sundaram giving them an appropriate reply.

Next morning, Adithya and Parvathy thank the old couple who gave them shelter and food at night. Meanwhile, Arun gets the punctured tyre repaired with the help of a mechanic. Finally, Adithya, Arun, Parvathy and Ganesh proceed towards the city. In the meantime, Akhilandeshwari gets worried after not being able to reach both Arun and Adithya on the phone. Vanaja and Mithra, who have no clue about what’s happening, wonder what conspired between Akhilandeshwari and Sundaram in the village.

Finally, Adithya, Arun, Parvathy and Ganesh return to the mansion. To justify why they got so late, Arun narrates a fabricated story. Later, her retires to his room and so does Akhilandeshwari.

Elsewhere, Nandhini hatches a plot to ruin Akhilandeshwari’s business empire. She has planted one of her loyalists in Adithya’s company in a high-post. She tells him to take Arun’s signature in a few documents that would lead to the downfall of Akhilandeshwari both professionally and personally. Will Arun get trapped by Nandhini? For more entertainment, watch Oru Oorla Oru Rajakumari, on ZEE5.