Sembaruthi 13 July 2019 Written Update: Akhilandeshwari’s Conscience Rattles Her

Akhilandeshwari's conscience asks her what is stopping her from telling Parvathy to leave her house.

Akhilandeshwari of Sembaruthi

Today’s episode of Sembaruthi opens Purushothaman telling Adithya not to worry and wait for his mother to give her reply. Meanwhile, Vanaja, Mithra and Uma wish to know what transpired between Akhilandeshwari and Purushothaman. They know something severe must have happened and hence Akhilandeshwari left home in a fit of rage while Purushothaman ran after her to calm her.

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In the outhouse, Sundaram feels ashamed of Parvathy for overruling his order after he asked her to give up her hopes of getting married to Adithya. Parvathy is hurt and upset at the same time. Karthik visits the outhouse to meet Parvathy and console her after her most prized possession was thrown away. To make her happy, Adithya inflates the air-pillow and asks her also to inflate it. Then he seals it saying that the pillow is filled with their combined breath and none can separate them. Thus, Adithya comforts Parvathy and asks her to have faith.

At the Adhikadavur mansion, Akhilandeshwari’s conscience asks her what is stopping her from throwing Parvathy out of the house. It tells her that she is no longer the old Akhilandeshwari, who made people feel the jitters. Ahilandeshwari’s conscience rattles her by challenging her to ask Parvathy to leave the house. Akhilandeshwari, who doesn’t believe in giving up, calls out Parvathy’s name aloud to prove she is still the same.

Vanaja, who hears Akhilandeshwari taking Parvathy’s name, rushes to know what has happened. Akhilandeshwari asks Vanaja to go to the outhouse to bring Parvathy. To please Akhilandeshwari, Vanaja leaves for the outhouse immediately to call Parvathy.

After entering Parvathy’s house, Vanaja behaves rudely and also raises hand against her but then she sees Adithya coming out of the kitchen. Parvathy wonders why Akhilandeshwari has asked to to meet her. Adithya tells her to keep faith. What do you think Akhilandeshwari will do?

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