Sembaruthi 13 May 2019 Written Update Of Episode: Akhilandeshwari Lashes Out At Parvathy

Akhilandeshwari asks Parvathy not to come in front of her till 8.30 the next morning. As this is the time the astrologer had given her to her.

In the last episode of Sembaruthi, we saw that Vanaja has gone to meet Nandhini. There she informs Nandhini about the events that took place at Akhilandeshwari’s house and her decision to hurt Parvathy if the prediction of the astrologer comes true. Nandhini further asks Vanaja to feed more poison about Parvathy, in Akhilandeshwari’s mind. Back at home, Vanaja puts up a show of fake concern and then slowly she tries to feed negative things about Parvathy. When Adithya listens to this, he is angry with Vanaja and he shouts at her and tells her that even he has a list of things which prove that Vanaja had always created problems in the house. But while he is doing this, Akhilandeshwari cuts him in and reprimands him for having spoken to Vanaja in a harsh manner.

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In today’s episode, we see that Shyam and Purushotaman are worried about Adithya and they try to convince him against taking any drastic step. On the other hand, Adithya is worried about his mother’s well being. So, Purushotaman tries to assure Adithya and tells him that he will speak to Akhilandeshwari about it.

Later, Purushotaman tries to convince Akhilandeshwari about her mistake but instead of listening to him, she argues with him. She tries to point out the problems that she noticed in Adithya’s behaviour. She asks him to go and advice Adithya instead of her. This argument continues for some time and finally, Purushotaman convinces Akhilandeshwari to keep calm and wait for the next day to see the outcome of events.

Akhilandeshwari and Purushotaman
A still from Sembaruthi

Meanwhile, Vanaja calls Nandhini and happily narrates to her about the way she was able to poison Akhilandeshwari’s mind. This news makes Nandhini happy and she is satisfied to know the updates of the problems in Akhilandeshwari’s home. She makes a plan with Vanaja to further create a rift in the house.

After some time we see that Akhilandeshwari is sitting in her room and looks worried. At that moment Parvathy walks in with a glass of milk in her hand. She offers the milk to Akhilandeshwari but instead of drinking the milk Akhilandeshwari just pushes the glass roughly out of her hand. And the glass hits the wardrobe and smashes into pieces, with milk spilling all over the floor. This shocks Parvathy and she starts to cry, on the other hand, Akhilandeshwari asks her not to come in front of her till 8.30 next morning. As this is the time the astrologer had given her to prove his claim.

So, what do you think will happen? How will Parvathy manage to calm Akhilandeshwari?

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