Sembaruthi 15 August 2019 Preview: Nandhini’s Aide Gets Arun’s Signature; Adithya Furious

After Adithya learns about the blunder committed by Arun, he fumes with anger. Will Adithya's relationship with him turn bitter?

Adithya is shocked

If you have been wondering if Nandhini’s aide will succeed in getting Arun’s signature on the documents, then here’s the answer. Her loyalist makes Arun sign the documents when he talks to someone on the phone. Later, when Adithya realises the blunder committed by Arun, he fumes with anger. After reaching home, when he steps inside to reprimand Arun, he sees his brother playing a game on his mobile. Will Arun’s childishness irk Adithya?

For the unversed, here’s a quick flashback to the story. Nandhini wants to sow seeds of misunderstanding between the Adhikadavur family members to weaken the foundation based on love, and trust. She knows the only way to rattle Akhilandeshwari is to ruin her family and her business empire. Hence, she targets Arun by planting one her most-trusted aides to get his signatures on a document that may lead to the downfall of the Adhikadavurs. Nandhini is back to playing dirty games to avenge Akhilandeshwari for humiliating her. Moreover, she has sent Mithra, her younger sister, to keep a tab on her foe. She teams up with Vanaja to accomplish her goal because the latter also wishes to see Akhilandeshwari get destroyed.

Interestingly, Akhilandeshwari is not aware of the fact that Mithra is Nandhini’s sister, who belongs to the Naagapuri Vamsam, the arch-rivals of the Adhikadavurs. Now, that she has successfully targeted Arun, what will she do hereafter. And how will Adithya tackle this situation? Will his relationship with his younger brother turn bitter? To know what happens in Sembaruthi, follow the episode tonight and for more entertainment, watch Sathya, the love story of a tomboyish girl, on ZEE5.