Sembaruthi 2 September 2019 Written Update: Adithya Feels Shailaja Is A Troublemaker

At night, when Adi meets Parvathy, he shares his concerns with her. He tells her that he saw Shailaja secretly gesturing Arun not to go to Hyderabad.

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In Monday’s episode of Sembaruthi, Adithya senses that Shailaja’s return to Arun’s life is not for no reason. He realises that she is staying with them for a purpose and shares his concerns with Parvathy, who is already aware of Shailaja’s reality. To know what happened in yesterday’s episode, read on.

The episode opens with Parvathy telling Arun not to worry. A while later, Aishwarya happily talks to someone on the phone and Purushothaman reads a newspaper. There’s calm, and peace at home and Vanaja isn’t happy to see everyone relaxed. Nonetheless, she knows the cause of Arun’s silence. She says she is waiting for the day that will mark the downfall of Akhilandeshwari and her family.

Sometime later, Akhilandeshwari returns home after attending the meeting in the association. She shares the good news of her appointment as a member of the Planning Commission by the Central government. Everyone is happy except for Vanaja and her team. However, when Akhilandeshwari reveals that it was Nandhini who informed her about it, Adithya and Purushothaman suspect foul play. After knowing that Nandhini congratulated Akhilandeshwari for her achievement, Vanaja fumes with anger. She calls Nandhini to know why she celebrated her success by distributing sweets. Nandhini tells her that sooner or later, Akhilandeshwari’s image and reputation will get thoroughly destroyed, and her assurance makes Vanaja happy.

Later in the day, Adithya receives a call from one of their construction sites in Hyderabad. The manager requests Adithya to visit the city to speed up work so that they complete the task before the deadline. Since Adithya has other prior commitments, she asks Arun to visit Hyderabad on his behalf. Arun readily agrees, but after seeing Shailaja’s reaction, he gives a lame excuse of having another plan. Arun tells Adithya that he wishes to take Aishwarya out for a short vacation. This revelation surprises Aishwarya, who had no idea about Arun’s plan.

At night, when Adithya meets Parvathy, he shares his concerns with her. He tells her that he saw Shailaja secretly gesturing Arun not to go to Hyderabad. He feels that Shailaja’s presence may invite big trouble for the family. Parvathy, who knows the truth, chooses not to disclose anything about Arun’s DNA test because she wishes to wait for the reports. Keep following Sembaruthi to know what happens hereafter and for more entertainment, watch Sathya, the love story of a tomboyish girl.