Sembaruthi 20 April 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Adithya Comforts Parvathy

On the other hand, Arun tells Parvathy that it is Aishwarya's love that matters to him the most.

In the last episode of Sembaruthi, Akhilandeshwari goes to meet Nandhini along with Mithra and she invites her to the function that Adithya is organising. Later, when Adithya and Parvathy go out in his car, she imagines a situation where Adithya is riding a bike and she is sitting behind him. This image creates a certain amount of happiness in her mind. Later, they get down at a gift shop and Adithya gives her a coffee mug and says that it has a secret. Finally, he explains the secret behind the cup and she is elated.

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In today’s episode, we see that Aishwarya gears up to prepare Kesari for Arun. Though he is a bit reluctant to let her do this but finally agrees to it. Aishwarya walks out from the room and goes down to the kitchen. There Parvathy tries to interfere and suggests that she could prepare the Kesari instead of Aishwarya, to this Aishwarya asks Parvathy to go to the hall and take rest.

Saying this, she starts the preparations, in a short while she prepares it and takes it to Parvathy and asks her to taste it and give her comments. But when she tastes the Kesari, Parvathy finds it to be not that great. However, she does not say anything and just thinks of a way to save Aishwarya. So, she goes upstairs to check on Aishwarya and Arun and she is surprised to see that Arun is having the Kesari and is praising Aishwarya.

Arun eats the Kesari
A still from Sembaruthi

Later, when Parvathy asks Arun to tell her the truth about the Kesari when they are alone, he tells her that it is Aishwarya’s love for him that matters to the most and not the taste of the food. Incidentally, Aishwarya overhears this conversation and is very emotional.

Later, that night Adithya and Parvathy and meet in the garden. Initially, Adithya hides away from Parvathy’s vision and when she put up a mock show of going back to her house, Adithya comes out. After this Parvathy says that she has prepared his favourite fish curry. He then asks her to feed him the food with her hands. They share a cute and romantic time together.

Finally, she shares her concern with him about what the old man at the temple had to say to her. To this Adithya pacifies her and tells her that he is always with her to support her.

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