Sembaruthi 27 May 2019 Written Update: Adithya Takes Wrong Decisions?

Adithya is still thinking about Parvathy and he is worried and in his tension, he almost meets with an accident.

In the last episode of Sembaruthi, we saw that Parvathy miraculously recovers from her coma state Akhilandeshwari who walks in at that moment is happy to see Parvathy out of danger and she kisses her forehead. This shocks Vanaja and she is not at all happy with the events. Later, Akhilandeshwari receives a call from one of her business partners and says that she has to come to Mumbai to solve a problem. To this Akhilandeshwari says that she will send Adithya to Mumbai. When Akhilandeshwari says this to Adithya, he is not happy and is confused because of the fact that Parvathy is in the hospital. But unwillingly he has to agree to this.

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In today’s episode, we see that Adithya is still thinking about Parvathy and he is worried and in his tension, he almost meets with an accident. So, Shyam asks him to move away from the driving seat and he takes the wheels. So, Adithya calls up Parvathy and checks on her. But she is afraid that her father might hear her talking with Adithya and she cuts the call quickly.

Later, Adithya calls the nurse, whose number he had previously taken. The nurse is excited to have received a call from Adithya and she hopes to flirt with him. But instead of flirting Adithya asks the nurse to go and give Parvathy some tea to drink, as she might be tired. This confuses the nurse and she is not happy with the way things seem to move. Also, Shyam seems to be intrigued by Adithya’s talk with the nurse.

As per Adithya’s instructions, the nurse goes and gives Parvathy the tea. Sundharam, on the other hand, is not pleased with this information and he quietly walks out. At the same time, Adithya is not able to concentrate on his work in Mumbai and he is worried about Parvathy. He again calls the nurse and asks her to give food to  Parvathy.

Meanwhile, Shyam is worried about Adithya as seems distracted and even during the meeting he takes hasty decisions which seem wrong to Shyam but is not able to say anything. And finally, we see that Adithya and Parvathy slip into a nostalgic reverie and they both think of their moments together.

So, what do you think will happen? Will Adithya get himself into trouble for being hasty with his decisions?

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