Sembaruthi 3 August 2019 Written Update: Akhila Determined To Send Parvathy Away From Adi

Adithya realises that Parvathy doesn't wish to end the relationship out of her own will but is compelled by circumstances. 

Akhilandeshwari waits in anticipation

Are Parvathy and Adithya destined to get separated? Maybe yes, maybe no. In today’s episode of Sembaruthi, Parvathy requests Adithya to forget her because she doesn’t wish to keep her father in the dark about their relationship. Moreover, she feels it would be futile to wait for Akhilandeshwari’s acceptance. Adithya, who has profound love for Parvathy makes desperate attempts to convince her but she refuses to listen to him. In the end, Adithya accepts her decision and says he will never let her see him.

Adithya leaves the temple in a fit of rage and starts walking in the middle of the road. He doesn’t bother about his life and walks even after vehicles brush past him. Parvathy, who sees Adithya risking his life, chases him. She keeps calling him “periya aiyya” but he doesn’t react. He continues to move forward until she addresses him as “mama”. Parvathy expresses her love for him by hugging him in the middle of the street. Thus, Adithya realises that Parvathy doesn’t wish to end the relationship out of her own will but is compelled by circumstances.

But Parvathy’s dilemma doesn’t end there. Sundaram sees her hugging Adithya in the middle of the road. And this gesture of Parvathy for Adithya rattles Sundaram. He reaches the outhouse and starts packing his baggage. When Parvathy reaches the outhouse, she gets shocked to see her father fuming with rage. He tells Parvathy that he will leave the town with his son because he no longer wishes to infuse sense in her.

A while later, Akhilandeshwari calls Sundaram to apologise to him for behaving rudely with him regarding the Adhikadavur chain case. She also says that she wishes to gift him a house either in his village or in the outskirts of the city. Sundaram, who already feels indebted to her, says he doesn’t need anything else. Thus Akhilandeshwari indirectly tells Purushothaman that she is determined to send Parvathy out of the house sooner or later.

Adithya, who senses something is terribly wrong, asks Purushothaman to tell him the truth about Akhilandeshwari’s decision. Will Sundaram leave the city with Ganesh? Will Parvathy accompany him? To know what happens next continue watching Sembaruthi, and for more entertainment, check out the videos of Nachiyarpuram starring real-life couple Dinesh and Rachitha, on ZEE5.