Sembaruthi 3 July 2019 Written Update: Mithra And Parvathy Perform The Special Puja

When Parvathy visits Adithya's room, she gets emotional after knowing that he has made all the arrangements for the Puja.

Shabana Shajahan

Will Akhilandeshwari be impressed with Mithra’s efforts to perform the puja for her ancestors? To know what happened in today’s episode, read on. The episode opens with Parvathy discussing her dilemma with Ganesh and sharing her concerns with him. Sundaram, who returns home after work, overhears a part of their conversation and wonders what puja they are talking about. He decides to pretend as if he hasn’t heard anything because he knows they wouldn’t reveal the truth. So he decides to know about it by keeping an eye on them.

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Parvathy gets ready to perform the puja in Adithya’s room. When she reaches his room, she gets emotional after knowing that he has made all the arrangements for the puja. She says that she is overwhelmed to know that a man who is the MD of 15 companies has made her feel so special. She thanks Adithya for helping her to start the puja to seek the blessings of his ancestors.

Meanwhile, Mithra wakes up and gets ready for the puja. Vanaja is happy to see Mithra all set for the puja that will help her to get closer to the Akhilandeshwari. Vanaja tells Mithra that she must not let this opportunity go because its a do or die situation. However, when Mithra tells her that she took a bath with hot water, Vanaja gets upset because people performing the puja must use normal water while bathing. She gets utterly disappointed to see Mithra taking things so lightly.

Later, when Mithra visits the temple room, she refuses to offer her prayers to the Adhikadavur ancestors because they are arch rivals of the Naagpuri Vamsam, a lineage she belongs to.

The makers show the contrast between Parvathy’s genuine devotion and Mithra’s drama. Who do you think will get the blessings of the Adhikadavur ancestors? Let us know what you think!

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