Sembaruthi 4 July 2019 Written Update: Parvathy Fears Akhilandeshwari May Not Accept Her

To justify her presence in Adithya's room, Parvathy pretends to clean the furniture. Akhila doesn't appreciate Parvathy's presence in Adithya's room.

Will Parvathy get caught by Akhilandeshwari when she performs the first day’s Puja for the Adhikadavur ancestors? To know what happened in today’s episode of Sembaruthi, read the written update. Mithra and Parvathy, both perform the Puja but with entirely different intentions. On the one hand, there’s Mithra, who wants to ruin the Adhikadavur family, and on the other, Parvathy, who is a genuine well-wisher.

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When Akhilandeshwari visits the temple room, she finds a lack of devotion in her efforts to carry out the Puja. To check if her assumption is right, Akhilandeshwari takes her name, and Mithra instantly reacts. Thus, Akhilandeshwari knows that her doubt was not baseless. She believes if Mithra were in devotion, she wouldn’t have responded to her presence during the Puja. Akhilandeshwari doesn’t approve of Mithra’s carelessness, and she leaves disappointed.

Meanwhile, in Adithya’s room, Parvathy successfully concludes the first day’s Puja. When she shuts the cabinet, Akhilandeshwari opens the door of Adithya’s bedroom with a file in her hand and gets shocked to see Parvathy inside.

To justify her presence in Adithya’s room, Parvathy pretends to clean the furniture. Akhilandeshwari doesn’t appreciate Parvathy’s presence in Adithya’s bedroom, and she asks her only to do the work that she is expected to do.

A while later, Parvathy, who is in the kitchen, is lost in her thoughts. She silently chants the shlokas to continue worshipping the Adhikadavur ancestors. Pattama Akka, who sees Parvathy, lost in thoughts, asks her about her unusual behaviour. Parvathy says that she performed the Puja to seek the blessings and acceptance of the Adhikadavurs. Pattama Akka is happy for Parvathy and hopes she gets showered with their love.

At night, when Parvathy meets Adithya in the garden, she shares her concerns with him. She fears Akhilandeshwari may not accept her as her daughter-in-law. Adithya comforts her and asks her not to worry, stating that his father would speak with Akhilandeshwari on his birthday. Will Parvathy get accepted by Akhilandeshwari?

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