Sembaruthi 4 September 2019 Written Update: Parvathy Learns The Truth About Shailaja

Parvathy tells Arun that Shailaja is Nandhini's aide. She tells him about the cheque of Rs 15 crores issued by Nandhini to Shailaja.

Parvathy of Sembaruthi

Parvathy of Sembaruthi proves once again that no one else other than her can become a better daughter-in-law for the Adhikadavur household. After stopping Arun from attempting suicide, Parvathy saves him from falling in Shailaja’s trap. To know how today’s episode unfolded, read on.

Today’s episode begins with Shailaja telling Nandhini that she has completed her task sooner than expected. She reveals that Arun has agreed to give her Rs 10 crore in cash at a place of her choice. Pleased by her services, Nandhini issues a cheque of Rs 15 crore to Shailaja and asks her to keep the money for her use. Shailaja is happy because she never expected she would be showered with money from all ends. Meanwhile, Aishwarya gets worried thinking about Shailaja. Parvathy, who visits her bedroom, comforts her and asks her not to worry. She also asks her if Arun has thought of a solution to get rid of Shailaja. Aishwarya tells her that she has asked Arun to speak to Shailaja to know what she expects from him. In the meantime, Arun returns home after meeting Shailaja. He says that Shailaja doesn’t expect anything from him other than money. He says that he has agreed to give her Rs 10 crore and has asked her to leave for Malaysia. Parvathy hopes that things fall in place soon.

Later in the day, Shailaja asks Parvathy to take care of her child and leaves to meet Arun at the coffee shop to collect the money. After reaching there, she meets Nandhini, who tells her what to do. Nandhini also hires a man to click pics of Arun and Shailaja to prove that he gave her money to silence her. A while later, when Arun almost hands over the cash to Shailaja, he receives a call from Parvathy. He decides to attend the call first and walks a few steps away from the table to talk to her. Parvathy tells him that Shailaja is Nandhini’s aide. She tells him about the cheque of Rs 15 crore issued by Nandhini to Shailaja. Thus, she saves Arun from falling in Nandhini’s trap.

After talking to Parvathy, Arun returns to the table, and tells Shailaja that he is no longer in the mood to give her the cash because he has learnt the truth about her. Arun’s disclosure leaves Nandhini and Shailaja stunned. Keep watching Sembaruthi and for more entertainment, watch Rettai Roja, the story of identical twin sisters Anu and Abi, on ZEE5.