Sembaruthi 5 April 2019 Preview: Will Uma Come In Between Parvathy And Adithya’s Romance?

Uma is not able to understand as to why Parvathy is responding to Adithya's look in such a manner and she is confused with their chemistry.

Adithya and Parvathy in Sembaruthi

In the last episode of Sembaruthi, we saw Akhilandeshwari informing the media the whole truth about the tax evasion. This comes as a big shock to Nandhini and Mithra. They both feel cheated of their opportunity to spoil Akhilandeshwari’s image. Later, a piece of news comes about Akhilandeshwari which says that she has been selected for the role of MP. Finally, Akhilandeshwari goes to meet Nandhini in person. While Nandhini is shocked to see her, she doesn’t respond. Later, Akhilandeshwari hands Nandhini a small token of gift in the form of a bunch of flowers and says thanks to Nandhini for being such a formidable enemy.

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In today’ episode of Sembaruthi, we will see that Parvathy and Adithya are having a romantic time in the house. While Parvathy is cooking in the kitchen, Adithya is looking at her with love filled eyes and eating a raw mango. All this while Uma is standing upstairs and looking at the romantic couple and is confused as to what is happening between them. She is not able to understand why Parvathy is responding to Adithya’s look in such a manner.

Parvathy and Adithya in Sembaruthi
A still from Sembaruthi

So what do you think will happen? Will Uma bring in Vanaja to witness this romantic show? or Will she inform Akhilandeshwari about it? To know more about what happens to this situation stay tuned to the series Semabruthi.

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