Sembaruthi 5 August 2019 Written Update: Sundaram, Parvathy And Ganesh Leave The Outhouse

Purushothaman confesses to Adithya about Akhilandeshwari's decision not to accept Parvathy as a suitable match for him.


Parvathy had professed her love for Adithya by hugging him in the middle of the road in broad day light to pacify him after he walked away in a fit of rage. But will she agree to return to her village to honour her father’s command? Will she stay back for the sake of Adithya’s love? To know what happened in tonight’s episode of Sembaruthi, read on.

Purushothaman confesses to Adithya about Akhilandeshwari’s decision not to accept Parvathy as a suitable match for him. He tells how he thought of convincing her to accept Parvathy but how sadly things unfolded against his plan. After knowing the truth, Adithya decides that he will not remain calm until he solves this issue. He says that he would first focus on his personal life and only then he would look after his responsibilities as the MD of his companies.

To comfort Parvathy, Adithya gifts her a 3D photoframe with his and her photo super-imposed on each other. Adithya assures her that he would soon sort things out but she looks determined to return to her village. She remains tight-lipped about their plan to leave the city and doesn’t even drop a hint about it to Adithya.

Later in the evening, Purushothaman visits the outhouse when Sundaram plans to vacate it. Purushothaman apologises to Sundaram on behalf of Akhilandeshwari and expresses regret that such a thing happened (the issue of the ancestral chain). Sundaram asks him not to worry and sleep peacefully. Vanaja, overhears Sundaram and Purushothaman’s conversation. She also realises that Sundaram has plans to leave the city. Hence, to stop Adithya from knowing about it, she returns to the mansion with a dirty plan.

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