Sembaruthi 7 October 2019 Preview: Vanaja Creates Problems Again

Vanaja spots Adithya and Parvathy doing something together in the garden and rushes off to tell Akhilandeshwari about it.

In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, we saw Akhilandeshwari storming off from a family wedding where the groom had married a girl who was not of the same wealth status as the Adhikadavur family. This boded bad for Adithya and Parvathy because it meant that Akhilandeshwari may not accept her son’s marriage to the house cook. It also threw a spanner into Adithya and his father Purushothaman’s plans to tell Akhilandeshwari the truth about her son while they were at the wedding.

If you missed watching the latest episode of Sembaruthi, you can catch it here.

Tonight’s episode opens with Adithya doing a photoshoot of Parvathy in the garden, complete with shooting equipment. Unfortunately for the lovebirds, Vanaja spots the two of them in the garden, doing the photoshoot. She quickly runs off to report this to Akhilandeshwari. What will the matriarch’s reaction be to the photoshoot? Will the truth finally come tumbling out or will this be yet another setback to Adithya and Parvathy getting together? To find out, watch tonight’s episode of Sembaruthi, only on ZEE5.

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